Thursday, September 16, 2010

My life on Punk'd- the Walmart situasion:

This happened to me recently.

There’s a guy that works at my local Walmart. He stocks the dairy area, I’ve noticed him a few times and thought, “he is really cute.” Strawberry blond hair, adorable black rimmed glasses, big dark eyes… Totally MY TYPE. I could feel it in my bones, he would be my Clark Kent.
As luck would have it, one of my friends works there too, so I started to ask Cory, my friend, to get some information for me. Being the awesome cat that he is, Cory got the info I needed- SINGLE.

I go up to him one night after work, as he’s stocking the yogurt. He asked if I needed help finding anything. I said, “no. BUT, I just wanted to let you know, I like your glasses. They make you look like a super hero.” OK, That’s not THAT weird, right?!!! Fucking adorable is what that is.

Superman? ?

But here’s what happened next: He stares at me for about two seconds, and then….. He continues stocking the shelf. And I just stand there, like, “what…. just happened to me….” so, I go to the other side of him to pretend to look at yogurt, WAITING for him to say something-ANYTHING! He doesn’t….. So I leave.

I prepared myself for if it went wonderfully, and we talked, and I prepared myself for if it went awful and he said, “thanks but I have a girlfriend” or… whatever. I never even thought about the “What if he just stares at me and says nothing at all and it’s totally awkward and I feel like a creeper.” So I really didn’t know what to do or feel at the time… now? I feel like a fucking idiot.

I think my life is just one long episode of Punk’d.

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  1. Maybe he was just shy and didn't know what to say?