Friday, October 15, 2010


I haven't been keeping up on this Blogger, I am doing it on Tumblr, if you'd rather.... But here's the skinny on a date I went on Sunday October 10th.

--It was awesome. We just walked around Front street/the Water front for hours, talking and laughing about nerd stuff. Getting lame excited about the new Harry Potter movie. :3

Then it started raining, so we went into the little Italian place on the water front. I ordered an ITALIAN soda, and it was just awful. D: I make better ITALIAN sodas than that ITALIAN restaurant, I’m just saying. BUT I digress. If the restaurant weren’t closing we’d have stayed there, because it started to rain again. But we stood outside for a while looking and acting shady. Everyday, baby.

We needed something to do that wasn’t out in the cold horrible weather, so we went to Central Market, and ran into his friend/friends girlfriend, which was strange. When we went back to his car, his friend/friends girlfriend was parked diagonally from us. They rolled down their windows and started talking to each other. Something like this was said:

“What are you doing tonight?” -date
“Sleeping.” -friend
“Together?” -date
“Separate beds in the same room” -friends girlfriend.
“Are you two sleeping together?” -friend

hahaha, omg it was so funny.

Lots of other funny stuff happened. And… yeah. When I was leaving, I told him to text me. And I was like, “not when you’re driving though.” and then I left and got a text from him when I got to my car. Good times.

Is six hours normal for a first date? I don’t even know.

I am going out with him again this Sunday. I haven't been on a second date in a really long time. I am really scared I am going to fuck this up. I like him. :S

Monday, September 20, 2010

Walmart- pt. 2

There is another really cute guy that works at Walmart. He and I click amazingly. The first time I talked to him, we were talking about the movie 'Get Him to the Greek' I said I hadn't seen it cuz I had no one to go with, then he said, "Yeah, my girlfriend didn't want to go see it with me."


But I always make sure to go through his line when I see him there, we talk, like we've known each other forever. He folds my receipts into paper air planes. I assumed he did this for everyone, but my sister was behind me in line last night, he did it for me, but not for her. My soul was all like- :3 just like that.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

My life on Punk'd- the Walmart situasion:

This happened to me recently.

There’s a guy that works at my local Walmart. He stocks the dairy area, I’ve noticed him a few times and thought, “he is really cute.” Strawberry blond hair, adorable black rimmed glasses, big dark eyes… Totally MY TYPE. I could feel it in my bones, he would be my Clark Kent.
As luck would have it, one of my friends works there too, so I started to ask Cory, my friend, to get some information for me. Being the awesome cat that he is, Cory got the info I needed- SINGLE.

I go up to him one night after work, as he’s stocking the yogurt. He asked if I needed help finding anything. I said, “no. BUT, I just wanted to let you know, I like your glasses. They make you look like a super hero.” OK, That’s not THAT weird, right?!!! Fucking adorable is what that is.

Superman? ?

But here’s what happened next: He stares at me for about two seconds, and then….. He continues stocking the shelf. And I just stand there, like, “what…. just happened to me….” so, I go to the other side of him to pretend to look at yogurt, WAITING for him to say something-ANYTHING! He doesn’t….. So I leave.

I prepared myself for if it went wonderfully, and we talked, and I prepared myself for if it went awful and he said, “thanks but I have a girlfriend” or… whatever. I never even thought about the “What if he just stares at me and says nothing at all and it’s totally awkward and I feel like a creeper.” So I really didn’t know what to do or feel at the time… now? I feel like a fucking idiot.

I think my life is just one long episode of Punk’d.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Beginning.

I have been single for a while now. No real boyfriend for well over a year, which at 23 years old is a total punch in the face.
September 5th rolled around and I decided that there is exactly 3 months till my 24th birthday- Let's Get A Boyfriend!!

So that is my goal, by my 24th birthday [December 5th] I will have had/be in a relationship, with am awesome guy. And I will journal my progress/encounters here.

Get. Ready.